Here's our attempt at a geeky meta-advent calendar.  Ever day or so (not promising we'll find 25) we'll post another advent calendar that should appeal to the geeks and/or nerds in the audience.  Some will be online and some will be actual, physical advent calendars.  here we go. 

  1. Royal Institution: My Favorite Element.  This is in support of the RI's Christmas Lectures that have been going on almost continuously since 1825.  The lectures have been online for a few years now and I recommend checking them out. 
  2. Numberphile Advent Calendar.  Numberphile is a neat youtube channel with regular, number-nerd updates.  I'm still blown away by Graham's number: a number so big that if you could hold it in your brain, you're head would collapse into a black hole.  No really. 
  3. The National Zoo, 25 days of reindeer facts. What better time of year to geek out about caribou (sorry, reindeer.  They're all reindeer this time of year)
  4. Here's one that's IRL, but who can resist an electronic circuit on a breadboard.  You can make your own advent countdown clock over on instructables.
  5. Reindeer Shmeindeer.  This guy's arriving on the 25th in a big blue box.  It's the Doctor Who ADVENTure Calendar.
  6. Growing up, an important part of Christmas  was getting whooped at board games our older sister.  Now you don't even need the board.  How about a math game a day?  
  7. From cosplay to the trilogometer, to some amazing nerdy graphics.  It's the  8-bit Nerd's Advent Calendar.
  8. This list wouldn't be complete without the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar
  9. I'm not sure you can get any geekier than an advent calendar of really cool vintage comic book covers.  You can thank @AskMoxie for this one
  10. Here's one for the web geeks: The HTML5 advent calendar
  11. To save you from having 24^2 items to check this holiday season, I'm going to end it here.  Of course I'm going to end it with something I probably should have mentioned first.  Here is the IRL Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for all the suggestions.  This was fun.  Next year I'll probably take you advice and trim it to a top 10 or so and start it early so you have time to buy the nifty real-life ones I find.