Bronycon 2015

As it write this it's Monday afternoon and we're all coming down from our first Bronycon. Having been to there cons it's tempting to try to compare and contrast. If there's one word that sets Bronycon apart from the others it's generosity. From the guy who handed PP an handmade plush, to the many people handing out trading cards, or the woman who saw that PP had bought some and didn't have anything to carry them in, so she gave him a box. We didn't think anything of it until we mistakenly sat in the trading section to eat our lunch and kept getting offers for it.

PP absorbed the generous atmosphere and insisted on spending some of his cash on some trading cards that he could hand out to other kids. After the second day, he opened some packs saying "I really hope I get some duplicates to give away." We've already made plans for something he could use as gifts next year.

I've never been a cosplayer, but the spectacle of it all is much fun and a site to behold. By the end of the weekend, we'd invented a new game. Like birders trying to round out their life list, we set out to get a picture of PP with as many different characters as possible. We didn't make it through the main six, but we also found a few extra, with Derpy clearly being his favorite. We also learned from watching the poor volunteer that herding ponies is only slightly more difficult than hearding cats.

Oh yes. And he wants our next game console to be the occulus rift. This might have turned out to be an even more expensive weekend than we planned on.