After the Storm and Monthly Progress Report.

It's Monday morning and school is FINALLY back in session. The storm knocked out the school systems for a day and a week. I heard the statistic that the county school system has enough busses that the all those bus roofs add up to seven acres. That's a lot of snow to clear off. Worse, I've caught a glimpse of one of the bus depots. The busses are packed in with barely enough room to walk between them. Even if you could magically push the snow off the roofs, it would have been piled up between the busses up to the tops of the windows. I'll cut them some slack for taking this long.

This post is also my productivity report. Here it is. January pretty much sucked. Average daily word count is at about 451. I made some progress with my nonfiction work, and made contact with a developmental editor for my fiction project. I'm also well behind of my get-into-shape plan.

To be fair, I had a week of full time parenting, and Mrs 'Struction has been fighting pneumonia. Taking care of them was a full time job for a good chunk of the month. I need to come up with a more effective way of working when

On the plus side, we got to have some fun in the snow. The parking lot snow banks became impressive mountains. Even shoveling it takes on a new dimension when there's someone insisting on being you target.