Bronycon Report: Day One

Here's a really quick report on our first day at a Bronycon.

Mrs 'Struction was sick, so I was single parenting and at the whim of an eight year old. I can't report on the science presentation, or the coders talk, as I had hoped, but I can report on how amazing it was.

The day started with about 2.5 hours on line to get our badges. In the future, showing up a day early to pick up the badges will be a good idea. Just the same, there was good people watching and a jovial atmosphere in the line.

There was MUCH cosplay. I heard reports that there was less than previous years, but I can safely say that there was much much more than I've seen at any other con I've been to. Obviously, it was was mostly pony related, but not limited to it. There was a Deadpool wandering around, and a couple zentai who were having fun trading off different masks on top of the suits. The pony costumes ranged from low-key, color coordinate wigs and dresses, to full on fursuits with integral cooling systems.

There's not one, but two table-top gaming rooms: one dedicated to the MLP collectible card game, and the other to more general gaming. It was in the general gaming room that the highlight of the day happened. A gentleman asked PP which was his favorite, holding up a chibi plushes of Derpy and Big Mac. The boy picked Derpy and the man handed it to him. It was such a unexpected gesture of kindness that we were both taken aback. A mere "Thank You" didn't seem sufficient.

Is it Derpy, or is it Muffin? The debate continues.

Is it Derpy, or is it Muffin? The debate continues.

I think stunned amazement pretty much sums up the response to day one, and PP fell asleep in the car cuddling his Derpy.