First 3D printing project: Ipad Car Mount

I have an eight hour drive ahead of me. At least that's what Waze tells me, but for all it's intelligence and information gathering, Google can't seem to figure out that I don't drive as fast as it always assumes I will. It also doesn't factor in caffeine breaks, and there results: the inevitable bio-breaks. Eight hours can easily become twelve. That's a long time without easy control of my podcasts and audiobooks.

I've been wanting a mount for my iPad in the car for a while, and I'm really going to want it on this trip. Unfortunately, I find a lot of the commercial ones to be a bit too flimsy. Here's what I came up with.

My Very Own Ipad mount

My Very Own Ipad mount

The main structure of the mount is a block of 2-by material that wedges nicely into that little knick-knack pocket in the dash. Then a piece of scrap plywood provides the back. I had to cut the block a few times to get the angle right. Ideally, I want the iPad facing in my general direction, but more importantly, I want the reflection I see in it to not have any of the windows in it. That way I'll get the least glare. As it is, the biggest source of glare will be if I wear a loud shirt.

The biggest source of glare will be if I wear a loud shirt.

This layout works well if I can secure the iPad to it. I used some velcro patches in the past, but that requires I have patches on my iPad case, which earns you some strange looks. This seems to be much more elegant.

The iPad case has a hole in the back to show off the apple logo (like anyone doesn't know it's an iPad). I printed a disk to fit in the hole. Four magnets are recessed into it, and four finger-tip-sized digits help me hold the iPad. It won't come out, because it was a wider lip under that case. I also applied some 3M mounting pads to the back to provide some protection to the aluminum surface and also keep the disk from rotating.

I went through several iterations before settling on the 10mm diameter by 2mm thick magnets. They hold the iPad securely, but release it easily with a twist.

Gotta say, loving having a 3D printer.