Unboxing the M3D microprinter

Some time ago, I jumped in the kickstarter for the M3D Microprinter, billed as the first consumer-ready 3D printer. Here's our unboxing video.

First impressions:

It's cute.

It's on orage cube (other colors available), about 7 inches on a side. It can be completely self contained, with a small spool of filament in the base.

It works out of the box

Well, you do have to download the software, but our first print was a success. That's more than I could say for my old MakerBot.

It's Windows only

Boo. Although it was originally billed during the kickstarter as being cross platform, and compatible with open source 3D printing software, the makers haven't made it that far yet. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume it's just taking longer than expected. There is Mac software for download, but OS X chokes when you try to run it.

As a Mac household, this could be a nonstarter, except for the caming PC we recently assembled for SFM and minecraft. Unfortunately, we're heading to a cabin for 6 weeks, and taking a full sized PC is out of the question. I'm currently trying to intall Windows 10 in Virtualbox. Not going well....