That's IT! Never Again!

I've had it up to "here" with hunting for remotes. They're tricky, I'll give them that. Whether they're in the couch, under the couch, between the cusions, wrapped in a blanket, in the lego bin, or under a cat, I'm going to make it damn hard for them to hide from me again.

One of the many side benefits of working in science is that you will eventually collect enough lanyards to weave yourself a hammock. That post will have to wait a bit because I just enlisted some to put tails on my remotes.  Now when they try to burrow into the couch, they'll have a tail hanging out, perfect for extraction.  

I have another one set aside for the YOU, AppleTV remote. You can't hide forever. That couch is on it's last legs, so if it takes a axe, you'll be brought back into the harsh light of day whether you're ready or not.  You might need special treatment. Maybe a lanyard with a wiffle ball on the other end.