Big Bang Theory: so THAT's what gets women into science.

Big Bang Theory is one of my guilty pleasures. As a geek and nerd (let's not get into that debate just now) I can't help but feel like the writers have been subtly transitioning from having fun with me to making fun of me. That said, I still enjoy some of the gags, and I certainly enjoyed the latest episode. Bob Newhart is a national treasure.

Then it struck me. We finally got to hear some back story from the two female scientists on the show. We've known about the guys for a while. We know that they were all born nerdy. Sheldon was attracting attention from the feds at an early age with his back yard experiments.

So what brought the ladies into science? Well, it's all explained while they're baking a cake for the boys. One thought she'd be able to make "a potion" to make her fit in physically (e.g. get taller); The other was driven to the library by an incident involving her total exclusion from a peer group.

So to recap. STEM lifestyles are something boys are born to and something girls can always turn to if they're not popular enough. Hey writers, props for (somewhat belatedly) bringing in women in science, but I'm not sure you're really helping.