USA Science and Engineering Festival

Man. What a week.  I've been busting my hump getting ready for USASEF, which is certainly the largest science festival that I know about.  It just ended this past weekend, so you missed it, but mark you calendars for April 2016.  

The Washington Chromatography Discussion Group (WCDG) presented their chromatography demonstration all weekend. As the person who took the lead, I figure I put in a few hundred hours getting ready, including putting together our nifty new RGB Led Sign, which will have to be another post.  Then I was there all weekend (actually 3 days). We went through liters of food dye, and just about lost our voices, but after seeing the looks on the kids faces, I'd do it all again.  

Not to say I didn't manage to get away and see some of the amazing work presented by the other exhibitors.  There was such a mix of robots, 3d printers, ecology, health, dissections... I could go on.  

We only lost Little Man twice among the estimated 340,000 people that attended.  Fortunately, each time it was because he made a bee-line to his favorite glaciologists from Dartmouth across the way.  I could only get him away by promising that we'll try to reproduce their experiment at home, so I expect a messy kitchen some time in the future.  We were also in sight of the Science Cheerleaders. Little Man was a bit intimidated by them at first, but by the end he had to seek them out individually to say goodbye.

Even when I didn't get away, I was more than a bit entertained watching the drone pilots buzzing the other exhibitors, and then getting shot at by the vortex canon.  The physics circus tent a couple rows down provided background music with their tesla coil. And of course the stream of kids and parents kept us on our toes with their curious, insightful and sometimes quite challenging questions.  

In the mean time here's a snippet of the all-drone band. They played a nice medley of tunes, including Carol of the Bells, a couple I can't remember, and this: