Maybe I Tend to Over-Systematize Things

I just changed the exponent,on the equation that sets the repeat frequency (in hours)of my ominfocus todo item that tells me it’s time to read another article I put into pocket.

Now to help you parse that sentence. I gather articles from tumblr, Zite, the web, email, twitter, etc. into Pocket so I can read them. Of course, my “I’ll have time to read that later” impulse has been more than a little overly optimistic. Before I knew it, I had thousands of articles waiting to be read. So I needed to make sure I set aside time to actually read them, or at least filter through and delete the ones I don't really NEED to read.

Enter the spreadsheet, mapping the number of articles I have in my repository at the end of each week, and the exponential equation telling me how ofter I need to read one to bring that number under control.

            24 * (100/ (number of articles)) ^ 0.7

Now if I average one article every 1.65 hours, I should be fine. Right?