Further Adventures in Pool Noodle Construction

In a previous post, we described a construction project with pool noodles, PVC pipe, and some scrap wood.  This time we decided to jump the shark with it by adding some duct tape, and webbing ratchet and a plastic storage tub. 

The idea was for the pool noodles to provide some stability and a little extra floatation.  As kids we used to love when it was time to "clean" the aluminum rowboats.  Cleaning usually involved getting all the surfaces wet and passing over them once with a brush. Of course, the easiest way get every part of a boat wet is to sink it.  That was when we discovered that sunken boats are a lot of fun, with proper adult supervision, of course. 

Alas, I think the pool noodles did their job too well.  There was none of the excitement of balancing on the edge of disaster, only to feel that sucking sensation as the boat finally breaks free of the surface and starts its plunge to the bottom.  In fact the darned thing stayed afloat even when completely full.  Next time I'll go with the smaller noodles.  Hmmm.  Or maybe I'll keep the big noodles and go with a larger tub so the grownups can play.  Now if I can just work out a keel, rudder and sail...