Elk Mugging

We don't make it up to Parc Safari nearly enough.  Every trip is memorable.  It's also a great opportunity to work on some animal anxiety that has been building up over time.  What we weren't expecting  was how quickly, and which anxieties would go first.  Feeding animals with big wet lips and foot-long tongues is on thing, but when an ostrich, with that nightmare beak, comes at you, I can understand a little anxiety.   Feeding ostriches is invariably at list a bit painful as they peck at your hand, and somehow always manage to find bit of flesh at the top to pinch.

Of course, that's not at all what we saw.  The "Osty-Ostriches" were a huge hit.  As were the Wapitis (Elk) that towered over the car clearly gave Cluquah the willies.  Here are a few excerpts.