Leap Motion

We've had about a week with the Leap Motion and have been playing around with some of the apps and features.  Here is a very brief review.  I have to say I'm very impressed with the level of precision it can achieve from a single tiny device.  I'm assuming there is some sort of triangulation going on, which makes me think that a tiny three inch brick shouldn't nearly be enough.  

The apps are still somewhat limited, but there are a few transplants from the iOS world that seem to fit well.  Look below to see Cut the Rope.   Clay Jam is another game that's available and should be a perfect fit.  I have a review of the iOS version here

I've been experimenting with some of the productivity features.  One recent addition is integration into BetterTouchTool.  BTT is one of the uber-powerful productivity apps that I've only scratched the surface of.  It allows you to configure actions to gestures on you trackpad to quickly perform common functions.  Now with Leap Motion integration, it becomes much less well named, as now I can perform Merlin-esque gestures over my keyboard and switch between documents or open frequently used programs.  I doubt that it will replace Alfred as an app launcher, but I could see it finding a useful niche.

There's just one problem: now the cat doesn't even have to step on the keyboard to screw me up.   

2013-07-28 12.28.03.jpg

There is also a Touchless feature, which allows you to perform mouse actions.  I'm finding it difficult to use, and doubt it will replace my trackpad any time soon, although it is nice as a backup when the batteries go dead and you don't want to stop what you're doing to rifle through the kitchen drawers in search of good triple A's.  To be fair, us old guys may not be the best person to trust about this.  We're set in our ways.  A digital native my find this much more natural.  Let's watch as Leo Laporte and PP take their first looks at Leap Motion.