Chemical Gardens

Here is another titbit I came across going through Mom's stuff.  Fortunately, she'd shown it to me before, so I have an idea of it's provenance.  My grandmother was the first woman in New York state to earn an undergraduate degree in chemistry.  It being the olden days, there wasn't much she could do with it other than become a teacher.  Here is a clipping from the school newsletter that was sent home to parents.  While her name isn't on it, she did have a hand in the recipe for some nice do-at-home chemistry experiments

That's right kids.  In the time when you could still put liquid mercury in children's toys, you could also suggest they go home and do some nifty experiments with carcinogenic nickel compounds and uranium.  It was a simpler time. Fortunately, there are a few modern alternatives that don't require a Geiger counter.