Hi, I'm Scary Spice, and I have a few questions that could change your life.

Do you find that your home cooking is getting blander with time. Do the same recipes that you've been making for years seem to lack the same punch? Have you forgotten that herbs like basil or oregano are supposed to be green? Do you annually plaster decorations over the doors of the spice cabinet, sealing them in like a festive mash-up of Mr. Fezziwig's party and the Cask of Amontillado?

You might be a spice hoarder, and Spice-anon can help. Here are a few simple questions that can tell you if you are a spice hoarder.

  • Do you have clippings in your spice cabinet to tell you when some of your spices might be 15 years old?
  • Do you have spice jars that match the descriptions on that clipping?
  • Is the clipping itself almost 10 years old?

We at Spice-anon can help. Our reflavoring program will gradually introduce you to the flavors that you may have forgotten. Our derejiggering program will retrain you to follow the recipes as written, rather than automatically doubling or tripling the spice ingredients to compensate for their sawdust-like flavor contributions.
There is hope, and a world of flavor awaits you.