Messing with a Sea Lion's Head

We set out first thing this morning to check out the cherry blossoms.  There were two problems.  First, they are obviously nowhere near peak.  Second, this was the morning of the Cherry Blossom Run.  Our first attempt at driving down to the Mall ended with us bailing at the first possible moment.  

So as plan B, we stopped at the Zoo.  It was a good opportunity to check out their newly renovated sea lion facility.  While we here there, I thought I'd do a little experiment.  I start recording video on the front facing camera of the ipad and placed it up against the glass.  This is what happened.  

Needless to say, we all had a lot of fun.  After the Ipad, PP and his new friend played a trans-plexiglas version of tag that was too cute for words.  PP has definitely made a new friend.  

Later, he and I had to run off to the nearest bathroom.  Mrs 'Struction wandered down after us, passing the other window on the sea lion enclosure.  She reported that the same individual came up and kept trying to look around her, apparently looking for its new friend.  It then gave her an accusatory blast of bubbles and swam away.