Nifty Design: TiltWatch Plus

We definitely live in a digital age, but I'm always impressed when I see clever, entirely physical ways of encoding information.  We got BIG piece of equipment at work the other day; big enough that it came in its own wooden crate.  Scattered around the outside of the crate were those nifty Shockwatch stickers that you see the Mythbusters slap onto Buster from time to time.  But apparently, that's not the only thing the folks at Shockwatch provide.  What if your case says "This side up" and really means it?  How do you know that "up" has stayed up throughout its voyage?

Check this out.

IMG_1994 - 2013-02-19 at 06-33-30.jpg

The idea is so simple.  It's just a piece of blow-molded blister pack with a label backing.  It looks like there are a set of holes that let you push the balls in just before you staple it to the side of the crate.  What's neat to me is that something so simple can capture the maximum tilt that the package was exposed to.  And if some forklift jockey does manage to tilt it, good luck trying to get all the balls back into their home position.  Also, just in case some of you think yourself SO clever (like I did), the balls are nonmagnetic.  

I think this will be coming home with me after the unboxing.