Feed me!

Feed me!

I think my scanning may be out of hand.  I guess you could call my condition NSM (new scanner mania).  As file drawers turn into new storage space, and stacks of old documents I was never sure what to do with disappear, I find myself roaming the house looking for more paper to feed this beast.  It's glowing blue button taunts me.  It's never full.  

I have that stack of old magazines I was always going to get around to reading.  I know I should just throw them out, but it seems wasteful somehow.  Or maybe there are a couple articles I want to hang onto for reference purposes, but I never quite got around to clipping them out and filing them.  

I've become very adept and scanning entire magazines.  Since Evernote lets me do word search, I don't have to carefully clip out the important articles.  I'll just throw all the crap at it I can and search for what I need later.  

The trick to scanning a magazine (or catalog, or multipage pamphlet) is simple.  You find the middle page (the one where the staples show, and insert the longest, sharpest knife you have.  Then just rip right down the spine.  The staples will probably pop off and end up behind your desk to form a small collective that you'll discover only when you move.  Either that or they'll be just barely hanging on and you'll have to pluck them off.  Then you drop the whole stack of now loose pages into the scanner and you can relax for a few minutes as it nom-noms it's way through them and compiles them into a pdf.  

I know it's overkill.  I know I should probably just throw them out and not think about whether I'll ever need them again.  BUT I DON'T HAVE TO ANYMORE.  Now they're just taking up a few kilobytes of storage and not hurting anyone.  

The real relief comes with the little man's old artwork.  We still hang up his latest creations, but can we really bring ourselves to ditch is older stuff?  The trends in his abilities is staggering, but only when you have enough data points.  On the other hand, his prolificness means we're going to be buried in artwork that is wonderful and special because it came from him, but ... well... it's crappy kids artwork.  

Scan!  Ditch!

I know I'll never get the urge to leaf through his old drawing of angry birds, but now I have them just in case I do, and they're not building up to become a fire hazard.  

Maybe I need to leave a tip out for the guy who lifts our recycling bin each week.