From "Life Hack" to "Kickstarter Hack"

@dhulser brought this to our attention yesterday.  It kinda walks the border between brilliant and scam, although I guess those aren't mutually exclusive. 

We all have cable management problems. Well here's a solution.   Some guys over on Kickstarter have designed a nifty holder that lets you keep a bunch of cables nice and neat. 

They walk us through their design process with sketches of earlier designs, then show use the final design and even show us a picture of the "mold-making" process. For a mear $10, you can own of these amazing devices and support their development efforts. 

Now check this out ----->

That's right, it's a tie rack, available from Amazon for 4 bucks, and Alibaba for $0.25 lots of 5000.  The "bread clips" are there too for a price that makes we wonder if there would be value to filling a pool with them and swimming in it.  It would probably be pretty "owy," so never mind.

I'm still trying to decide if I should be angry or envious.  They came up with a new use for an existing device (or found it on pintrest), and basically asked for enough money to cover the minimum order.  The rest is repackaging and fulfillment.