Sick Day Math Activity

The boy has been sick for nearly a week. The latest diagnosis is pneumonia.  He's doing well, but starts every morning with a request to go to school.  Hanging out at home with Cluquah and Daddy is obviously starting to wear thin.  He's been too sick to even sit up at the kitchen computer and play Minecraft. 

We spent some time reading The Further Adventures of Penrose. As an aside, this is a great book for any kid with a liking for math.  The chapters are short, bite-sized introductions to various concepts and fun facts from geometry and number theory.  We read through both books, lost them for a while, and now are making our way through them again. 

In any case, we read the section on rep-tiles. These are shapes that can tile together to make a larger version of the same shape.  The little guy was very enthusiastic and asked for his crafting basket.   

Of course, this being the modern age. It was no longer sufficient to just cut and draw. You have to make a "click-stop" video as well.   

On the whole, it's a nice pass-time that was both educational and not too strenuous.  The making of the stop-motion is also a time that kept him occupied enough that daddy can get away for a few minutes and get some work done.