Plasticine Fun without Greasy Hands

I grew up with the BBC "Brit-coms" were a regular Saturday night thing.  Part of the charm for me was the odd mirror-world that seemed to exist in them.  The wall plugs were never right, they kept bread in a big jar, the phones all sounded funny.  Also, so many things we take for granted in this country have special comedic significance over there, e.g. socks, fish and the ever-suggestive supply cabinet.             

About to squash that HeavyHead!

About to squash that HeavyHead!

The Brits also clearly have a thing for Plasticine.  Claymation had a brief renaissance in the 70's in the US and largely died out after that.  It may have slowed down a bit across the pond, but it's been having a strong resurgence lately with Aardman studios producing a series of feature films.  

Well, the productive love affair with all things clay has paid off again, but this time it's in the app store.  The folks over at Fat Pebble have come out with an iOS game made entirely of claymation creatures.  It must have taken them forever, but it sure does look neat.  The sounds effects are suggestively organic as well.    

I suspect this is a great game for the kids.  I've deliberately not shown it the the boy so that it can premier on that long car trip that's coming up. 

How's the game play?  I'll let you know after this level.

Ok. One more.....

Just one more....