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My plan for the weekend was to at least put a sizable dent in my candy dispenser project be able to give you a nice update.  

That was my plan.  Unfortunately, the influenza virus had other plans.  It burned through the house like a fire through poorly laid out tinder factory.  I was the least hard hit of the three of us, but that doesn't say much, and it meant that making soda, bland snack, and tissue runs fell to me.  I did manage to make a little progress and learn a few things I'd like to share.  

Firstly, when you're moving a drill press across several states, it's a good idea to make sure the chuck key moves with it.  This becomes particularly important if the first time you want to use it in your new location involves a 1 1/2" Forstner bit.  

Secondly, the 4-in-1 chuck key from Harbor Freight does not fit the chuck of the Rockwell Model 15 drill press.  How different many sizes can there be?  Answer: More than four.  

Thirdly, Fedex-Kinkos is awesome for printing templates.  I wanted to print out a template, but I don't have an 11x17 printer available.  In fact, we gave up on having a printer at home a long time ago.  We'd invariably not need it for a while, and then desperately need if for taxes or dissertations or some form or other, only find that the printer cartridge had gone dry.  Then it was a trip CompUSA (which gives you an idea of how long ago we gave up on printers) to find that either they...

  • had the cartridge (unlikely),
  • had stopped carrying cartridges for the printer we bought from them six months earlier (more likely), or
  • the printer was no longer made and neither were the cartridges.

In the end we realized that the promised 10 cents a page printing cost was probably closer to $10 a page.  The occasional inconvenience of having to run out was far outweighed by the inconvenience of trying to maintain a printer, which brings me to FK.  I'm not sure when they made the change, but now I can walk into the local store with a pdf on a thumb drive and walk out a couple minutes later with several copies of my template.  Fortunately for us, it's within comfortable walking distance (except when you have the flu).  You don't even have to talk to anybody, which is nice when you're feeling rotten.