Squonk the Dragon


I listen to a lot of podcasts.  In fact I've had to cut back.  Most of what I listen to would either be of no interest or inappropriate for the the Little Guy, although the time an interview with the entire Mythbuster crew came on in the car I was treated to a "Yes!" punctuated by a small fist appearing in the rear view mirror. 

Squonk the Dragon was a story on Escape Pod way back in 2006, and it's spawned a series of stories that have since migrated to Podcastle.  Both the podcasts clearly cater primarily to grownups, but the humor and whimsie of Squonk and the long-suffering Wendel the Wizard earned the stories a place.  I recently grabbed the four stories to create a playlist for LG.  Big hit. 

Here are the direct links. 

Escape Pod 70: Squonk the Dragon

Escape Pod 109: Sqonk the Apprentice

Podcastle 124: Squonk and the Horde of Apprentices

Podcastle 212: Squonk and the Lake Monster