Using iTimeLapse to take birdfeeder closeups with your iPhone

We've been getting a great turnout at our bird feeder this Spring and I've been using it as an opportunity experiment with the telephoto lens on our Canon DSLR. Today I decided to try something different and instead of trying to get myself closer to the birds I setup my iPhone right next to the feeder.

To take the photos I used an app called iTimeLapse. This nifty app takes time lapsed photos and has numerous settings to suit your needs. I set mine to record a high quality pic every 5 seconds and to stop after 100 photos. After I retrieved the camera I used the Edit Frames option to delete frames without a good pic and then used the Export option to dump the good photos into my camera roll.

Here are my favorites from this experiment after some cropping.  My new goal is to get a good picture of each species and create our own bird identification guide for the kids.

Rosebreasted Grossbeak


Female Hairy Woodpecker