Who Knew? Honey under a black light.

The Little Man and I recently had fun watching a Science Friday video about fluorescent and bioluminescent millipedes. He was very keen that we should get a UV flashlight so we could test the millipedes that like to hide under the stepping stones in our front garden.  I was doubtful that they were the right species, but a good experiment means you learn something even with a negative result.  Besides, if you can't find something interesting to do with cheap UV flashlight, you're just not trying hard enough. 

Here's the first thing we discovered. 


So what I thought would be a simple piece of exploration for the young'n has shown that the old guy has a few things to learn as well. Given that I grew up helping my dad with all sides of a beekeeping business, and even took classes in college on apiculture, it's humbling to find that I had no idea that honey had this property. 

By the way, maple syrup has the same effect, although not a strong.  I'm putting my money on riboflavin.