Lego Club May 2012

On Saturday we were able to bring the kids to our local Lego club for the first time in several months.  Our club is held at a local library and run by a dad who is a Lego enthusiast.  The club couldn't be simpler, a period of show and tell followed by free play, but the kids love it.  My boys eagerly gathered their latest creations and put a few last minute ones together.  This time Jillian, 3, got in on the act and brought her "contraption".  

What I like about this club is how engaged my kids are.  While they can normally be shy and reserved, they eagerly talk about what they brought and make quick friends with the the other kids.  

Here are some of this month's creations.

Ben's Chicken Racers

Ethan's Castle Scene

Jillian's Contraption

Ethan's Submarine and Underwater Scene

Castle Battle from Above

Chicken Racers