Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders Review and Giveaway

Hot Wheels was kind enough to send us one of their new RC Nitro Speeders to play with and review.  When you think of Hot Wheels you think cool small cars, but I was surprised to see their RC car is even smaller (about 2/3 the size of a standard Hot Wheels).  In the box you get the car, the charger/controller/, and the directions.   The car has it's own built in rechargable battery, but you will need 4 AAs for the controller.

One of my biggest complaints about today's toys is that once you open the box you can never fit everything back in.  Which is why parents will love that the Nitro Speeder actually fits inside the controller.  Also inside the storage area is a cord to charge the car.  Charge time is about 20-25 minutes.

Once we had it ready to go I was in for the biggest surprise.  This little car is FAST.  I put it on our dining room table for a little test driving before letting the kids have a turn.  One push on the accelerator and it almost ran off the table.  I'm used to driving larger RC cars where I can be a little ham-fisted with the controls.  This little car is so fast that it requires a softer touch.  After another close call with the stairs and a disappearing act under the couch, I got the hang of it.  I had the car running figure eights and weaving between furniture legs and toys.  Time for the kid test!

I gave Ben (7) the first try.  He also needed a little adjustment, but within a couple minutes was zooming around the living room.  Ethan (8) got the second try and picked up on the controls faster than both of us.  After 5-10 minutes we noticed it slowing down and put it back on the charger.

Conclusions:  We LOVE this car.  We have other rc cars in our house, but there is a problem.  Most entry level RC cars are too big to drive well in the house, but lack to the engine power to drive well outdoors.  This car is PERFECT for indoors, but also fast enough that in a larger space you could have a blast going full speed.

Considerations:  We thought our floor looked clean, but the car still found a stray piece of string which got wrapped around an axel.  We got it removed, but then vacuumed to avoid any other interference.  If you have a pet that sheds a lot you might have trouble.


  • Size.  This is the best indoor RC car we've seen.
  • Storage.  The car fits in the controller and the controller fits in your pocket.
  • Fun.  We've been playing with this all afternoon.  During recharge breaks the kids are building a Lego truck for the car to drive into.


  • The charging cord is short and makes it hard for big fingers to plug it into the little car.  After posting this I tried pulling the cord out a little further.  Sure enough, the cord is several inches longer (as pictured) and can be pushed into the controller for easier storage.
  • Onle one!  I see another one in our future so we can have races. 

Overall this is the perfect gift for any kid (young or old) who loves cars, gadgets, or racing.  We're having a blast with this little RC car and look forward to bringing it along with us for some impromtu racing.

The Giveaway

Hot Wheels has a second RC Nitro Speeder for us to giveaway to one reader.  Here's how to enter:

  • Post a comment on this post to enter and we will pick 1 lucky winner.  
  • Make sure to use your email address
  • Entries must be received by Midnight EST Wednesday 9/14.  
  • US only.