Netflix Just for Kids Misses the Mark

We cut the cable 3 years ago and this past Winter we added a Roku to our family room setup.  The best part of the Roku is the wonderfully implemented Netflix app.  The kids took to instantly and it has become their primary device for watching shows.

The problem is that our Netflix queue was a mix of kids stuff and grown up movies.  To combat this I set our parental level to PG.  This helped, but I noticed that many grown-up TV shows still made it through.  I have since resorted to a G rating which blocks the grown up shows and movies, but also blocks movies such as Spy Kids.

When I heard that Netflix had implemented a Just for Kids feature, I had hoped they had given me the tools to better control what content is available to my kids.  To my disappointment, however, Netflix Just For Kids falls very short.

The new feature is an added tab on their website which gives you a selection of only kids movies.  This is a nice addition, but Netflix makes the Hollywood mistake of thinking that anything animated or from Nick or Disney is ok for kids to watch.  They need to understand that parents don't want to filter based on age level alone.  We want the ability to filter out the garbage.

What I want to see from Netflix is the ability to create a seperate queue for the kids.  I would then pre-approve shows for this queue.  A Just For Kids channel on Roku would then make this available, but parents could use a password to access the normal Netflix queue.

Netflix has acknowledged the need for kid friendly controls, but what they have offered does little to address the problems.  Hopefully this is a precursor of things to come, but my concern is that Netflix has grown so large that they can not make a quick shift in functionality like I have suggested.  This could be an opportunity for another streaming service to sneak it and take some marketshare.