Last night the boys stayed up till midnight playing a massive game of Heroscape. Now that school is out we have been letting them stay up a little later, but this is a record. Normally I would have pulled the plug on their activites and gotten them in bed, but they were playing so nicely I let it go.
If you have never seen Heroscape, it is a board game where the board is made of plastic hexagons that you can attach to other pieces or stack giving you unlimited options. The game pieces are miniatures from a wide range of themes: robots, elves, skeletons, secret agents, various beasts, dragons, etc. Each figure comes with its own card with an easy side and advanced side. The game is played with special dice that have an attack side, defense side, and blank side. Each figure gets a different number of dice to roll whether they are attacked or defending. To beat an opponent you need to roll more attacks than they roll defense.
What I really like is that it is easy to pick and choose which rules you want to play. We usually keep it simple, but sometimes try the advanced rules where your figures get health points and special moves.
One thing I love about thiis game is the setup process. We've picked up a lot of add ons over the years and the kids will spend hours building the game board and setting up the figures. They often simply play with figures with no rules, just their imagination. The last couple days, Ethan and Ben have been setting up real games and battling each other. When I got home from work yesterday they gave me a blow by blow of each battle. Even Ben, who lost this round, was just as excited to tell me about their epic battle.
You can find Heroscape at your local game store or online.