Our first Geocaching Expedition

A group of friends invited us to go on a short hike to do some geocaching.  We've been thinking this would be a good idea for a while.  In fact we made a short foray when PP wasn't yet 2, but it was clear that he wasn't yet old enough to appreciate it.  At four, he clearly is now. Here's a quick review of our day. 

The first lesson you can learn about hiking is "travel light."  I know it took me a while to learn that, and it's still early days for PP.

Of course, this was after we talked him out of also packing juice and applesauce for everyone, Dr. Kiki, and his car collection.  After about a minute, he was willing to pass the backpack carrying duties onto an adult. 

On the way, he got to try his hand on photography.

...observe some family communication...

... and name every rock on the mountain. 

In the end, we found a microcache and a regular one.  PP exchanged one of his bug gliders for a fish. 










Then we made out way home with our booty.  I'm going to be sad when he's too big to ride on Dada's shoulders.  It's also going to be a lot less convenient when we're a mile from the car and he's ready to close the blinds and take a nap.