Aaron Rogers vs the Rancor

Who says geeks can't like sports?  The kids and I have been watching the football playoff games and Ethan has always liked Green Bay so he is very excited this year.  After last weekend's win, Ethan got out our Kaskey Kids football set and invented his own football board game.  Last night he taught me the rules.

We line up our players and roll the dice to see how many lines we run or pass the ball.  The other player than rolls to see if his guys can catch up and tackle him.  We were using the dice from our Haba Pirate game so when I rolled a pirate ship I asked him what happens.

"The Rancor runs onto the field and eats one of my players!"

In the end, Ethan scored a touchdown to win despite losing Aaron Rogers to a Rancor attack on the 10 yard line.