Continuing with the legos theme, we were able to attend BrickFair last weekend.  This is definitely worth the trip if you and/or one of your wards is into legos.  This is where the lego obsessed really get a chance to let their geek flag fly.  I'd recommend buying tickets ahead of time if possible.  The line was rapped well around the building, into the largely unused parking lot, and then did a peculiar diminishing spiral thing that would have caused some comical confusion if it had grown any longer.  Fortunately, simply dropping a 10 at the door and walking in meant that things moved very quickly.  

Little Pete was into, well, everything.  There was one 20x30 set of tables with a marble run/robots moving marbles/trains moving marbles all the way around the perimeter.  If they'd figured out some way to work dinosaurs into the mix, he would probably have exploded.  As it was, we had to cut our visit a bit short because nap time came and went, and an overstimulated, unnapped preschooler is a dangerous beast.  His attention surplus disorder kicked in, and I was starting to cramp up from standing in one place with him on my shoulders, committing the placement of every brick to memory.  Kate was suffering from low blood sugar, and the lines in the cafeteria section were unmanageable with said preschooler.  In the end, we performed our standard rapid extraction procedure.  e.g. Try to get him out before he knows what's going on, or failing that, before his screams alert the local constabulary.  

We didn't even get a chance to chuck him into the brick pit.  

We assuaged his angst at leaving with a stop at the galleria on the way home.  The adults restored their blood sugar and caffeine levels, and Peter was treated to a pound from the bulk bins at the Lego store.  The store was pretty busy.  I wonder how many other parents were dealing with newly inspired brickers. 

In spite of our relatively short time there, I was able to get some footage.  Here's a taste.  

So how do you get a 3 year old to sit through watching an entire game of chess?  Now we know.