Tripods Movie a Reality

Whoa!  I just learned that Tripods, one of my favorite childhood books and TV shows, is finally becoming a movie.  There is one twist, however, Beanpole will be a girl!  Dark City was an excellent movie so I hope Tripods turns out just as well.

However, in recent months Alex Proyas - best known for helming The CrowDark City and I, Robot - has been linked to the proposed movie. When we caught up with the man himself for a one-on-one chat to coincide with the release of his latest flick Knowing, a sci-fi thriller starring Nicolas Cage, we managed to get some exclusive news about his vision for The Tripods. His take on the adventures of three youngsters as they bid to overthrow the mind control of the monstrous menaces sounds terrific indeed, and comes complete with a couple of very intriguing additions and changes to the classic story...


IMDB says Tripods is still under development with a 2012 release date.