Silly Bandz Art Project

I would love to take credit for this idea, but it was Ethan (7) who came up with it while playing with a bunch of Silly Bandz he got while visiting my mom.

The idea is simple, but the creations are endless.  Arrange the Silly Bandz on a hard surface, lay a piece of paper over them, and use crayons to create rubbings.

We played around with different scenes and using different colors.  The kids loved to add to their pictures after making the rubbing.  Ethan also thought these made great puzzles.  When he finished his drawing he would give it to Jamie (3) along with the Silly Bandz and challenge her to match them up.  Great project for all ages.

Here are some of our creations.


Here is Ethan's latest creation.  I love the dolphin jumping out of the water.


Ben's picture includes a pizza juggling octopus.