How to fix a broken headphone wire

When I arrived home from work Wednesday night and took my laptop bag out of the car the wire from my cassette deck adapter jumped like a snake.  Scared me a little, but I didn't think much of it.  The next morning, however, I walked out the front door and was startled to see the jack (that little bit that plugs into my iPod) sitting on the front step.  Apparently the jack had gotten caught on my bag and when I pulled it from the car it ripped off sending the wire shooting back into the car.

After suffering a commute listening to the local morning DJs I was desperate to repair the wire.  Here was my quick and dirty fix using items borrowed from our IT department.

Tools:  Small wire cutters and electrical tape.  Wire strippers would've been ideal, but no one could find them.  Soldering is the best fix, but any kind of tape does a decent job.

Step 1:  Cut of the outermost cover to expose the wires.

Step 2: Strip back the wires.  Be VERY careful since the wires are thin.  You only want to remove the rubbery cover to expose the metal.  I got a little cocky on the block wire and was left with a very stubby bit to work with.

Step 3:  Match the wires by color and twist the metal together.  Use a small piece of tape hold the splice together.

Step 4:  Cover your mess with tape to secure the patch job.  I cut a couple skinny pieces which I ran the length of the splice, over the head of the jack and down the other side.  I then wrapped the whole thing.  This will make it harder to accidentally pull my splice apart.

That's it.  It would be a good idea to test your splice before covering the whole thing with tape, but I was living on the wild side.  My repair worked and sounded just as good as before...or as good as you can expect in a 13 year old Subaru.