Sabre Wasp

While doing some yard cleanup spotted three of these WEIRD wasps on a log.  A log I had just rolled and flipped about 20 feet across the yard, but they seemed unfazed.  After my initial shock I realized they were in no hurry to sting me so I ran inside to grab the camera.

After I took my pictures I ran to the computer to try and identify these strange wasps.  I found what I was looking for on my favorite bug site: What's That Bug.  These are Giant Ichneumon (aka Sabre Wasps).  The females are easily recognized by their very long ovipositor which she uses to drill into trees and deposit eggs in the tunnels of of other burrowing bugs.  When the eggs hatch, they've got dinner waiting for them.  Yeah, yuck.  I added some other photos to my Backyard Critter photo gallery.