In Hawaii

I'm in Hawaii.  I should be happy.  This place is amazing.  At least the bits I've seen have been.  But if I had any doubts that I was a family man, this trip would clinch it for me.  I'm having a really hard time enjoying myself without the family in tow.  I took a look at the map, and what jumps out at me?  The aquarium and the zoo.  It's not like we don't have those things close to home. 

To top it all off, there is an affliction running through the household, and apparently the incubation time is long enough that managed to bring it with me.  I've succeeded in avoiding the vomiting, but the fevers and nausea have me laid low.  Ok, I'm not that low, since my hotel room is on the 20th floor, but you get the point.  I should be at the convention center listening to talks, but as the great Merlin Mann says, "Honor thy energy."  I realized this morning that I could trudge the half mile to the convention center, but I would probably not be in the condition to actually absorb any information.  I'm just glad my talk was one of the first of the conference.  The last straw came this morning when I opened to drapes to find that all those dreams I'd been having about hanging out at the lake had been my minds attempts to assimilate the very wet noises coming from outside.  The it looks like the monsoons have come.  From my room, I can see the corner I walk through to get to the convention center, and the water is up over the sidewalk.  No, thank you.  I'll stay right here and get some paperwork done between naps and trips for soda.  If only the vending machine had ginger ale. 

I haven't posted in a while.  Preparing for this trip and the holidays has been pretty time consuming.  I succeeded with the trip, now I just need to finish my shopping.   Bother.  I have managed to come up with a new invention. 

I cobbled together a phone stand from the cardboard wrapper that was around my new dress socks and the plastic triangular thingy that holds ads for local restaurants.  The hole in the cardboard that was originally used to hang it from the rack makes a nice port for the charge cable.

And my twitter followers will recognize Mystery Car in the foreground.  PP got it the weekend before my trip, and then I accidentally brought it with me in my jacket pocket.  There was some DRAMA about the fact that I took it, but now my regular posts of Mystery Car enjoying the sites has become much better than any postcard.